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To legally carry a concealed firearm anywhere in California with the LTS Concealed Carry (CCW) Class or to safely use and handle a firearm with the Basic Home Defense Class.

Over 8000 law abiding citizens in Sacramento and the surrounding counties have gotten a handgun concealed carry license to protect themselves and their families in the last 36 months.

Learn about our CCW classes above. The Concealed Carry 1, or CC1 Class is the beginning training class and the class required by the state and county for your concealed carry permit (CCW). Other classes teach you what you need to know for home defense, or rifle and shotgun training.

  1. All Sacramento area concealed carry classes may be repeated one time at no additional cost.


  1. Class tuition, call or email with discounts for veterans, referrals, and groups. That includes up to 3 guns and other states paperwork all at NO extra charge.

Sacramento Area CCW Firearms Training

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Get trained, be confident, be safe.

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All instructors are NRA, LTS and California Department of Justice Certified

Training facilities around the U.S.

  1. Check out our concealed carry classes by clicking on the links near the top of the page.

  1. All Sacramento area classes take place on an outdoor range where you can train and learn drawing from the holster, rapid fire and multiple target drills. Things you need to know if you ever find your life threatened on the street or home.  

  1. LTS is Veteran owned and Veteran taught.